Taste the difference

  • If you get bored with your  routine daily food, you can twist desi food with firangi tadka. Enjoy your home style food with twist.
  • Prepare Handwa in cupcake style present in new way.
  • Use leftover rice and convert it into mexican. Use butter, tadka of onion,  tomato,  garlic, chilly flakes and oregano.  Don’t  forget to add boiled rajma.
  • Take Bajri rotla,  make it half. Prepare cheak pea vada, fill the pocket of  rotla with  Lasan chutney,  vegetables and vada.  Enjoy the desi pita with videsi falafal.
  • Use thepla for different twist. Apply salsa on thepla.  Prepare mexican beans.  Apply on thepla using  ice burg lettuce  make a  sandwich of  thepla,  saate on  tawa,  grate cheese  and enjoy.
  • Use regular dough  of paratha  and differ filling which is not regular.Use some  healthy excotic  vegetables and cheese.
  • Young guys don’t like shrikhand. Change the style,  serve in a  small glass in layer add  their favourite  chocolate in  between and  garnish with caramelised  dry fruit.
  • For evening supper  , makkai chhundo  is our favourite. But  kids…  don’t  worry ,  take  a  roti,  stuff this  sabji in  Frankie style, little sev, chat masala and roll it,  serve it, they will be happy.

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