How to Eat Healthy the startup way

How to Eat Healthy the startup way

1. Have Soup
Soup makes your stomach feel full soon, so you’ll eat less in the main course.

2. Eat more protein
It bums slower than carbs so you don’t get hungry soon

3. Drink tea before meals
To warm up your stomach for digestion

4. Eat hot food
Heart relaxes the stomach, like any other muscle

5. Eat small portions multiple times a day
To maintain constant blood sugar levels.

6. Calm Down before eating
Worry makes you eat more

7. Eat fiber
To decrease the risk of constipation by softening your stool

8. Eat simple
Complicated food makes our  digestion complicated

9. Don’t eat before bed
Late night snacks can cause insomnia and heartburn

10. Drink more water
You are 60% water, refill yourself

11. When you eat think of food
It stimulates saliva production which helps in digestion.


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