Gujarati thali

A combination of whole Gujarati cuisine

Gujarati food is not only fafda and gathiya.  It is much more than this.

Mostly in outside Gujarat, people make Gujarati food by adding sugar in dal and kadhi or vegetable.  It is spoiling gujju food.  Traditionally gujarati food has its own method of preparation and has ultimate taste.  Gujjus adopt all  the cuisine and convert it into their own taste. Gujarati food is mostly vegetarian food, so lots of variety in vegetarian food is available in Gujarati cuisine. The sweet flavour added to dishes to balance the bland taste of vegetables. The world famous thali among all cuisine is the  Gujarati thali.  In festivals Gujarati thali consists of three types of fresh  vegetable (shak) dishes, one kathod  (pulse) shak, dal khichdi,  rice khichdi,  two or three farsan-steamed and fried,  two sweets-Dry and liquid.  Three to four types of roti-fulka roti, puri, rotla, bhakhri finally buttermilk and papad with the variety of chutney. You cannot resist when gujjubehens serve all this with love.

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