Jalaram Khichdi CentreOur Speciality Rajwadi Khichdi

As a name Jalaram Khichdi, Khichdi is our main and authentic dish of our restaurant,
Established in the year 2001 khichdi is a staple food of the whole Gujarat.
The first solid food of baby is khichdi.
Basically, khichdi is prepared by combining rice with dal. Later on variations are added and different types of khichdi made.
We transform simple khichdi to Rajwadi khichdi by adding plenty of vegetables and spice in mixture of three dals and minimum polished rice
Rajwadi khichdi is served with Gujarati Kadhi and this awesome combination is a complete meal.
There is no other food like Rajwadi Khichdi…Light, healthy and wholesome meal for everyone.

Our New Venture Fresh taste at a great price.

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